Blue Sky Design Supply is also a showroom, bringing unique and innovative eco-friendly building products to Western New York. We are open to the general public. While these products are often referred to as “green,” we prefer products that are “blue,” representing the next level of eco-consciousness. At Blue Sky we firmly believe that eco-friendly products can be beautiful, durable and meet your project needs. Come visit us so we can tell you more. We are located in Downtown Buffalo’s Cobblestone District at 95 Perry Street (one block east of First Niagara Arena).

Blue Sky Concepts is a division of Blue Sky Design Supply, specializing in environmentally and socially sustainable construction and development projects.


Waxing Techniques

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® decorative paint is porous and dries to a matte finish. Waxing the paint provides protection and sheen. Annie Sloan developed her waxes specifically for Chalk Paint®. The wax is... READ MORE

Wool Dryer Balls

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Since the 1970s dryer sheets manufacturers boasted the benefits static cling reduction, softness and a fresh scent. However, conventional dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners contain chemicals known to be toxic to people... READ MORE

Raised Stenciling

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Add depth and texture to your furniture and walls with dimensional stenciling. Also called raised stenciling, this technique is easy and even a beginner can achieve fantastic results. Raised stenciling is perhaps easier... READ MORE

Exploring Strié

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At Blue Sky we love experiment with color and texture. Lately I have been trying to come up with new ways of create the impression of depth. The strié (pronounced stree-AYE), French for... READ MORE