Blue Sky Design Supply is also a showroom, bringing unique and innovative eco-friendly building products to Western New York. We are open to the general public. While these products are often referred to as “green,” we prefer products that are “blue,” representing the next level of eco-consciousness. At Blue Sky we firmly believe that eco-friendly products can be beautiful, durable and meet your project needs. Come visit us so we can tell you more. We are located in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village at 978 Elmwood Ave (near Bidwell Parkway).

Blue Sky Concepts is a division of Blue Sky Design Supply, specializing in environmentally and socially sustainable construction and development projects.


Decorative Painting: Frottage Technique

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Frottage is a simple technique that creates a dramatic texture, almost like crushed suede. Beginners and experienced painters can achieve beautiful depth and movement with frottage painting. The technique is relatively easy. We... READ MORE

Add a Pop with Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is a fantastic way to add visual interest to a room. It has come a long way since the wallpaper of yesteryear — messy, time-consuming or even toxic. Now easy-to-use, elegant and... READ MORE

Light of Life – Beeswax Candles

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Set the mood with the soft, warm light of candles. At Blue Sky, our choice for creating that magical glow is all natural and renewable beeswax. While slightly more expensive than paraffin, beeswax... READ MORE

Common Threads

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At Blue Sky, we love to support other businesses that align with our core beliefs – products should be beautifully designed and sensitive to environmental and societal concerns. Recently we came across a... READ MORE